Hebrews 1-2 “By the Grace of God” | Teaching by Michael Rood

Hebrews 1-2 “By the Grace of God” | Teaching by Michael Rood

http://aroodawakening.tv/HebrewsDVD Hebrews: By the Grace of God. The book of Hebrews is one of the most important, as well as misunderstood, books in the canon of Scripture. It was written to Messianic Hebrews who were grappling with the alteration of the Temple service that had both the Pharisees and the Zakokim priesthood in a tumult.

Unfortunately, modern Christian scholarship has stripped the book of Hebrews out of its cultural and historical context and has twisted its critical message into a smoldering pile of nonsense. Because of their inability to accurately decipher Hebrews in the light of Torah, some have even suggested that this book be removed from the Holy Writ.

In this enthralling 11-episode teaching series on the book of Hebrews, critical answers to the dilemma confronting the first century Hebrew followers of Messiah will be brought into the context of how we are to now live and celebrate the Feasts of the LORD.

This portion was taken from Shabbat Night Live. Original airing: July 6, 2012

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