September 2016 Newsletter

September 2016 Newsletter

August 2016 Rood Review Newsletter

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Here’s a sneak peek from Michael’s article…

We are now approaching a unique time in history. In 2016, we are proceeding the 70th year of when Israel became a nation in one day. It is a third cycle of Jubilees — if indeed the Almighty has shown us when his Jubilees are. The first was in 1917 when General Allenby took Jerusalem; the second jubilee cycle concluded with Israel’s recaptured Jerusalem in 1967. We are now approaching a one-year countdown to Yom Teruah 2017.

What is shaking up around the world at this moment is something that cannot be ignored; though only a fool would desire “the Day of the LORD”, it is upon us nonetheless.

I want you to join us online for Yom Teruah in Charlotte. This is going to be a prophetic conference in which I lay out all of the Revelation from beginning to end. Bill Cloud will also be with us, along with an urgent message from our secret guest, a former Islamic terrorist. You need to watch this — your friends and family need to watch this. It may be the only chance we get to deliver this urgent message.

It’s time to make our final preparations for the dead run to the finish line. Don’t make any excuses; don’t make any other plans. Mark your calendar and join us September 30 to October 2 — register online at or call us at 888.766.3610. This is it… this is the final warning.