Reggie White “Greatest Week of My Life!” – Last Interview with Michael Rood

Reggie White “Greatest Week of My Life!” – Last Interview with Michael Rood

In the last three years of his life, Reggie White discovered the Hebrew roots of the faith he had preached since he was ordained at 17 years of age — and that discovery culminated in what Reggie called “the Greatest Week of My Life”. Reggie was not only the most feared quarterback sackers in NFL history, he was also an avid student of the Hebrew Scriptures and able to pick up any one of his ancient scrolls of the Torah or Prophets and read the original language with aplomb. 

Reggie understood what many ministers are now learning through the Hebrew roots ministry of Michael Rood: That Yahshua (Jesus) instructed his followers by both word and example to disdain and deliberately violate the commandments of man-made religion, while admonishing them to be obedient to the commandments of the Almighty recorded in the Torah. Many are now learning that to understand end times prophecy, one must understand the prophetic shadow pictures embedded in the Feasts of the LORD – shadow pictures of good things to come. 

Reggie White not only stood with Michael Rood as an executive producer of the A Rood Awakening! television series in Israel, Reggie also hosted several “Awakening” conferences for both close friends and gridiron opponents. Now you can join Michael Rood and football great Reggie White as they recount their adventures in Israel during the greatest week in Reggie White’s illustrious yet short-lived sojourn on planet earth.

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