Manifestations of the Spirit | Michael Rood Love Gift

Manifestations of the Spirit | Michael Rood Love Gift

Every year, an average of 1,000 enemy rockets rain down on Israel.

This month, Michael Rood is doing something special for Israeli families caught in this terrible trap, and you can be a part of it.

For the month of December, when you give a Love Gift donation of 0 or more, Michael Rood will send you a pendant made from enemy rocket fragments. Partial proceeds from your love gift will help to build bomb shelters to protect Israeli families from future attacks.

You’ll also receive an exclusive teaching from Michael Rood called, The Manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

Or with a one-time donation of 0, you’ll receive the teaching, the pendant, PLUS a commemorative Jerusalem Peace Coin set in a stone stand, AND a stunning sculpture made from kassam rocket fragments, just like the pendant.

Your donation of 0 or more gives you all of these special gifts and sends MAXIMUM financial support to build bomb shelters in Israel.

Supplies are VERY limited. Don’t miss this opportunity… once they’re gone, they’re gone!!

Call 888.766.3610 or visit us online to get this exclusive gift: